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20 years of experience in bringing FMCG brands to the Benelux market

What makes us different?

  • Our industry experience – Experience 20 years of experience in brand introductions for global leading companies within fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), Durables, Luxury goods, DIY industry and the Pet industry.
  • Our deep understanding of local FMCG retailer and consumer needs
  • Access to the fragmented local; network of pet retailers, associations and ‘ambassadors’
  • Local development, customization and execution of your brand activities via our low cost agency network
  • Act as your local product manager driving your brand and its products with full transparency, innovative ideas, and all based on a flexible and open collaboration. We take care of your brand and products as if they were our own. Fun and excitement not worrying or disappointing.
  • Fast approach to penetrate new markets at a low risk by avoiding high upfront investments in local warehousing and inventory financing.
  • And as a commercial agent our success solely depends on making your brand sell in the Benelux market!