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How can we help you?

  • Pet Trade Solutions will help you in building your brands in the Benelux market.

  • Each solution is tailor-made according to the needs of your business and products.
  • By working based on your and our proven concept as well as new innovative ideas.
  • Building on local contacts and a strong brand drive.
  • And have great fun and excitement together by doing so!

How do we work?

Clear and simple.

As a commercial agent our success solely depends on making your brand sell in the Benelux market!

Therefor we act as your local product manager driving your brand and its products

As each brand has its unique features therefor each brand is an unique project and we offer flexible solutions from a market scan to a full introduction and long term commercial follow up.

Do you want to learn what potential your product has in the Benelux. Use our unique free of charge quick scan.

•   Please provide us with samples and your product information.
•   We will discuss your brand and features with several key opinion leaders in the Benelux to identify your potential, all free of charge
•   Based on this feedback we offer a action plan proposal for you.

Pet Trade Solutions helps you to expand into the Benelux .